Friday, February 25, 2011

Language of Teenagers by Julie Ann Yap

The world sees us through a cloud;
They barely hear our voice, our shout.
A shadow of distrust is barring the door
Of understanding that we yearn for.
They think we mean trouble
For we are young; our spirits are raw.
They think we are not yet able.
We are considered defiant and stubborn
For we long to be on our own;
We always want them to leave us alone.
But how could they possibly fathom
Who we really are unless they listen?
To the language that we speak,
To the sound we utter,
To the impression we want to make.
Because we like risks, we want to take chances,
Mistakes are often committed.
But how can one walk without having stumbled?
How can we learn if not by falling?
Release is what we desire
For in ourselves we have faith.
We will complete the journey and we will be great.
Individuality is what we speak of.
By doing wild things, we stand out from the rest
And no matter what they say, no matter how,
We will achieve success.

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